Our Services


To build your brand in China, we recommend ongoing structured online engagement with online users. The Chinese consumer feels that an emotional connection with a brand is an important factor in making purchasing decisions. RooLife is a social media account that we manage that promotes the Australian lifestyle and popoular products, it is through this patform that an emotional connection with the consumer is started and further developed. This service is why a continual relationship with SmartTrans will help bolster your brand among the Chinese market.

Digital Marketing

Our experienced marketing teams knows that having your own online infrastructure securely set up in China is vital for the growth and protection of your brand. An effective e-commerce platform can strengthen the power of your brand with Chinese consumers.


SmartPay is a billing platform and technology wholly owned by SmartTrans.Through SmartPay, SmartTrans provides the technology platform that allows app and content providers to bill customers in China, whilst including the preferred method for consumers in China.


The e-Commerce service provided by SmartTrans is unlike any other in the marketplace. SmartTrans offers customers access to their extensive Chinese consumer base through a range of online services such as individually designed WeChat and Alibaba stores.